Fund family

Fund family

Set of funds with different investment objectives offered by one management company. In many cases, investors may move their assets from one fund to another within the family at little or no cost.

Fund Family

A set of mutual funds managed by a single company. The funds within a fund family have different investment goals and/or strategies. However, because the same company manages the whole family, individual investors may generally move money from one fund to another without extra commissions or fees. This allows investors to be flexible in their own investment goals according to their particular needs at a given time. A fund family is also called a group of funds.

Fund family.

A fund family, or family of funds, is a group of mutual funds controlled by a single investment company, bank, or other financial institution.

The various funds within the family have different investment objectives, such as growth or income. If you invest in several funds in a family, you can transfer assets from one fund to another by phone or online.

If it's a family of load funds, there may or may not be a sales charge for the transfer. If it's a no-load fund, no sales charges apply.

You will owe capital gains taxes on any profit you realize from selling fund shares that have increased in value even if the money is reinvested in another fund. The only way you'll avoid taxes is if you own the funds in a tax-deferred or tax-free account.

However, if the shares have lost value when you sell, you'll have a capital loss.

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The fund family ratings are a based on CFRA's ratings of individual mutual funds -- 22,000 fund share classes -- and asset-weighted, which can be an advantage for some smaller fund families.
Within a fund family, advertising affects the flagship fund differently than the other funds.
Others prefer a fund family that provides personalized service through a broker.
Wells Fargo Funds Management, LLC has announced that it has completed the merger of its mutual fund family with that of Wachovia, a business that it acquired recently.
He will focus on growing sales and assets for Wells' mutual fund family.
Revenue sharing is the soft dollar arrangements between mutual fund companies and brokerage firms or insurance companies, and is used to entice brokers to offer a certain fund or fund family.
Sales charges: Moving between funds in the same mutual fend family won't cost you, but if you move to a different fund family, there will likely be a fee.
Enterprise Group was "a small, troubled property" with poor investment performance in 1991, when MONY determined that it would have to be built from scratch, said Victor Ugolyn, chairman, president and CEO of the fund family.
The Dimensional Fund Advisors Mutual Fund Family has $292.

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