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33 billion increase in money market fund assets (conventional and sharia), according to the recent 'Mena Asset Management Survey 2012'.
07% or USD 305 million, the National Fund assets decreased by 4.
Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region based mutual fund assets rose by 9% or US$ 2.
Increased scale, with approximately $53 billion in mutual fund assets under management.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- Retirement plans held 35 percent of all mutual fund assets at yearend 1996, according to the Investment Company Institute's annual retirement survey.
The TCW LifePlan Aggressive Fund (TGPAX) will invest approximately 80% of fund assets in equities and 20% in bonds, although this allocation will vary based on TCW's assessment of market conditions.
fund assets, including more than $275 billion in employer-sponsored retirement plans.
Among institutional funds, the 231 taxable money market fund assets declined by $5.
Since 1990, hedge fund assets have grown to an estimated US$1.
Summary: GCC-domiciled mutual fund assets expanded four per cent year-on-year to $31.