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Gross and Battie (2005c) investigated factors influencing results of functional capacity evaluations in worker's compensation claimants with low back pain.
For the study, the following classification was adopted: group V (100 points) = full functional capacity, group IV (95-75 points) = slight limitation of functional capacity, group III (70-50 points) = partial limitation of functional capacity, group II (45-25 points) = considerable limitation of functional capacity, and group I (20-0 points) = very serious limitation of functional capacity (Table 1).
We found statistically significant improvements in the WOMAC functional capacity index scores for all the patients (p <0.
In these patients, the addition of sildenafil produced stabilization or improvement in functional capacity.
Functional Capacity Following CABG, 30 people reported the highest level of functional capacity, 55 a medium level, 46 a low level, and 24 reported the lowest level.
Organisations are considering Functional Capacity Evaluations to ensure employees are fit enough to start or ready to return to work after an injury with an eye towards productivity.
The aim of the study was to assess functional capacity of patients before and after the embolization of cerebral blood vessel malformations in the aspect of nursing care.
The new iPhone application helps users get their functional capacity and personalized recommendations on optimal and safe exercise intensity for each workout.
Washington, August 21 ( ANI ): Knee osteoarthritis patients who were treated with acupuncture had clinically significant improvements in pain levels, stiffness, and functional capacity after one month of treatment, researchers have found.
Q-absorb on the cardiovascular functional capacity of 23 heart patients.
SAN DIEGO -- Treatment with sildenafil appears to have a positive impact on pulmonary pressures and functional capacity in patients with sickle cell disease and pulmonary hypertension, Roberto Machado, M.

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