fully depreciated

Fully depreciated

An asset that has already been charged with the maximum amount of depreciation allowed by the IRS for accounting purposes.

Fully Depreciated

An asset that has, over time, depreciated to no book value. A company may no longer write off part of the value of a fully depreciated asset because, legally speaking, there is no value. However, the fully depreciated asset may still be used because depreciation often bears only a rough relationship to an asset's actual usable life.

fully depreciated

Of or relating to a fixed asset that has been depreciated to a book value of zero. An asset can be fully depreciated and still be used.
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If the plant is older, and is nearly fully depreciated, it may not receive the maintenance attention that a newer, more profitable plant receives.
Does the fact that an asset is not fully depreciated mean it should continue to be in use?
Broker builds newspaper trading exchange: A registry of newspapers that publishing companies no longer find strategic -- but which are fully depreciated, meaning there would be a large tax bill if they were sold -- has been developed by an industry broker to help publishers trade of those papers.
By accounting bound, I mean that it may not be fully depreciated and they are loath to write it off.
And once the investment costs of building the many wind turbines are fully depreciated, wind energy will be operating on a more even cost playing field.
Also, the manufacturing assets are now 25 years old, they have now been fully depreciated and have no real value in the books.
You do not claim the additional depreciation amount, the bases of the assets are not reduced, and the assets can be fully depreciated over their depreciable lives.
Tesco said fully depreciated assets would not be included in the depreciation charge but would still be included in the gross asset value, while fittings bought recently for overseas lasted longer and depreciated at a different pace.
Similarly, if major cash expenditures are required to replace existing facilities, whether fully depreciated or not, this, too, would be disclosed.
Only when the equipment is fully depreciated ate these budget dollars freed for other essentials--such as additional staff members.
Most older camp buildings are fully depreciated by accounting definitions, but not by insurance definitions.
75 million was made more than 20 years earlier and had already been fully depreciated, but legal questions remained an issue.

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