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While disk drives have some full duplex capability, they typically can only be transferring user data in a single direction at a time.
With the introduction of the full duplex version of the Internet Phone, users can either upgrade to a clearer, more direct audio transmission made available by the new technology or continue to enjoy the current half duplex sound quality.
The DragonWave solution provides scalable, ultra-low latency, wire-speed native Gigabit Ethernet connectivity up to 200 Mbps full duplex.
The GigaPeek NX solution combines WildPackets' Network Expert technology; real-time troubleshooting on 10/100/1000 fiber and copper; high performance full duplex analysis via in-line or port mirror; and a fully integrated Gigabit Analyzer Card (GAC).
In addition, fewer components are required and no additional glue logic is necessary to complete a full duplex 10 Gbps/OC-192c packet processing and switch fabric design.
Although full duplex will not be used during all transfers, it can double the useable bandwidth of the link rate.
10 /PRNewswire/ -- Network Instruments LLC, the industry leading developer of distributed, user-friendly, and affordable network management, analysis and troubleshooting solutions, today released the new Full Duplex Probe Appliance specifically designed to passively monitor and maintain 10/100 full duplex links at wire-speed.
These new RS-485/422 transceivers are full duplex, configured for four-wire RS-485 networks, which allows simultaneous transmit and receive capability, or for RS-422 networks where only one driver is allowed on a bus.
In the meantime, a consortium of vendors is working to forge standards to ensure product interoperability, including an automatic detection mechanism which will allow hubs to sense automatically whether an installed network interface card can handle full duplex.