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Tenders are invited for supply and installation of 400mm dia meter electromagnetic full bore flow meter daily data updation with required hardware from electro magnetic bulk flow meter and integration with software at remote location, construction of valve chamber and wiring and replacement of battery of ups
Limited Tenders are invited for Motor Operated Ball Valve 16 Inch X 300 Rating, Flgd, Rf, Full Bore, Body A216wcb, Body Seat Rptfe, As Per Dts000003, Tag No.
The company's clients maximize the value of ESP wells with significantly lower intervention costs, minimal lost production and full bore access to the reservoir.
NEED TO KNOW The vital info Where: Barry Buddon, Angus When: July 25 to July 29 Up for grabs: 19 different gold medals on offer with males and females pulling the trigger across three different types of shooting: Pistol and Small Bore -, Full Bore - and Clay Target -
The valve has been engineered at full bore with no flow restrictions, allowing processes with abrasive or corrosive fluids--such as lime slurry or mineral slurries.
It encompasses first aid, drill, projects, models, full bore shooting, archery and flight simulation.
The sanitary full bore magflowmeter Type 8056 is 3A approved for the food and beverage industry.
WHILE the northern hemisphere season is just underway, the southern equivalent is going full bore.
When he took up his post he said: "It's all about promoting food and the rural economy full bore.
Wherever you're traveling this summer, and by whatever means--be it train, plane, ship, or automobile--here's hoping the air conditioners are working full bore, for there's nothing worse than hitting the road amidst heat and humidity.
They're going full bore after Professor J and her refusal to take the pledge.
It wasn't full bore until everything was given the green light, but we were very optimistic it would happen.