frozen account

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Frozen account

A disciplinary action taken by the Federal Reserve Board for some violation of Regulation T, where an individual investor cannot sell securities until they are paid for in full and certificates delivered.

Frozen Account

A bank account that the customer may not use because of a debt that has not been paid. This means that money can neither go into nor come out of an account. A creditor is allowed to freeze an account for up to twice the amount owed if the debtor is consistently delinquent. The account remains frozen until the debt is settled or the creditor is otherwise satisfied. Generally speaking, an account holder is notified in writing that his/her account has been frozen, but this is not always the case.

frozen account

A brokerage account in which a customer must pay in full before securities are bought and must deliver certificates before securities are sold. An account is frozen when a customer fails to maintain the proper margin required by Regulation T. Compare freeriding.
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The remainder of the revenues still goes into frozen accounts.
The deal, he says "fulfills Iran's goal of lifting the international sanctions, providing access to billions of dollars from currently frozen accounts, and setting the stage for valuable trade and investment partnerships.
The frozen accounts included those of the Russian ambassador and permanent representatives of the Russian government to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union in Brussels.
Under the terms of the JPOA, the P5+1 concurred that Iran would implement a short-term freeze of portions of its nuclear programme in exchange for a limited decrease in economic sanctions -- including access to frozen accounts in western financial institutions -- while negotiations continued towards a long-term accord.
In exchange, Tehran will secure access to some $4bn in oil sales revenue from frozen accounts.
The Geneva deal releases just over $4bn in Iranian oil sales revenue from frozen accounts, and suspends restrictions on the country's trade in gold, petrochemicals, cars and plane parts, according to reports.
State buyers said payment for purchases via tenders would be made from the government's frozen accounts abroad with waivers obtained from countries that have imposed financial sanctions.
The tenders say payment will be made from frozen accounts with waivers obtained from countries that have imposed financial sanctions, according to documents reviewed by Reuters and confirmed by trade sources active in potential deals which will close this month.
Payments from frozen accounts will be permitted with waivers obtained from countries that have imposed financial sanctions, said the report.
Police have conducted more than 40 searches and frozen accounts in 12 banks, as well as seizing 8.
325/2013 is given effect in the Island and this permits the addition to any frozen accounts of payments due under judicial, administrative or arbitral decisions rendered in a Member State or the Isle of Man, or enforceable in a Member State or the Island.
The frozen accounts of the military plant have left some employees without a job because the orders cannot be executed as the plant is unable to buy essential supporting materials for the production.