friendly takeover

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Friendly takeover

Merger when the target firm's management and board of directors is in favor of the takeover. Antithesis of hostile takeover.

Friendly Takeover

The acquisition of one company by another with the full knowledge and consent of the target company's board of directors. Generally speaking, a friendly takeover requires the approval of shareholders in addition to the board of directors, but, in this case, shareholders tend to follow the board's lead. This is because, in a friendly takeover, the acquiring company offers a premium to the current stock price for each share. See also: Hostile takeover.

friendly takeover

The acquisition of a firm with approval of the acquired firm's board of directors. Compare unfriendly takeover.
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The strategies for surviving a friendly acquisition are similar to those for a merger.
In Norwest, the taxpayer was a target company in a friendly acquisition.
THE CENTRAL TAX ISSUE is whether the costs of defending against a hostile takeover or facilitating a friendly acquisition are deductible.
Professional fees incurred by a target corporation in the context of a friendly acquisition must be capitalized when they result in a significant long-term benefit; and
33) that legal and investment advisory fees incurred in a friendly acquisition do not qualify for deduction under Sec.
The software provides high quality, journalist friendly acquisition, compression, management, and transport features.
The Company is now working to identify friendly acquisition targets.
Certicom had provided this information to RIM for its use in the course of discussions respecting a possible friendly acquisition of Certicom by RIM.
In 1995, he engineered a friendly acquisition of Palmer National Bank, which expanded coverage into the District of Columbia and Montgomery County, Maryland.
In the event of a friendly acquisition of Telxon, on the other hand, the investors can "put" Aironet shares they acquired for $3.
Nasdaq:OISI) to provide the companies the opportunity to negotiate toward the possible friendly acquisition of Ophthalmic Imaging by Premier.
Over the last few weeks, Elite has contacted more than one hundred owners of local, computer related companies to discuss the possibility of a friendly acquisition.