free box

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Free box

A bank vault or other suitable storage place for the securities of a firm's customer.

Free Box

An area in a brokerage where security certificates are stored, especially when the securities are completely owned by clients and are not being used as collateral on a margin account. See also: Safety Deposit Box.

free box

The site in brokerage firms where securities that are fully owned by customers are located. Securities in the free box are free of encumbrances. Compare open box.
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packaged in acid and lignin free boxes with a label clearly
PLEASANT REPRIEVE: Motorists and gas station attendants are pleased with the lifting of the ban on the handing out of free boxes of tissues and bottles of water.
And for our larger orders, we include free boxes of tea.
The organization, Soul Food Cafe Mission, was providing free boxes of food staples to about 1,000 area people, in addition to a continental breakfast, hot lunch, church service, clothing and toiletries every Tuesday at a church gymnasium.
But the pupils, who make the boxes in a design and technology room during Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes have sent free boxes to the great and good.
The shop is offering 10 free boxes of crackers to those affected.
PAMPERED prisoners at a private Midland jail played bingo for cash prizes last night - after it was revealed they were handed free boxes of chocolates for Christmas.
Any tenant living in Meadow House, William Batchelor House, Nauls Mill House or Samuel Vale House can request two free boxes by ringing Barbara Goulden on 024 7650 0388.
SCA Hygiene Products gave Grocer Club members the opportunity to win free boxes of Velvet Performance facial tissues in our October 28 issue, and loads of you responded.
While it might be common practice for a copier salesman to throw a few free boxes of toner in to close a sale, free pharmaceuticals or durable medical equipment can result in criminal liability.
Both ONdigital and Sky have been offering free boxes.
Digital operators are offering free boxes to receive their channels by monthly subscription, and the number of households taking the service is expected to double within three years to 3,500,000.