Forward market

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Forward market

A market in which participants agree to trade some commodity, security, or foreign exchange at a fixed price for future delivery.

Forward Market

The trading of forward contracts between investors. Because forward contracts are not standardized and are traded over-the-counter, the forward market is relatively informal compared to the futures market.
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Over the last seven years, FMM's user base has been acquiring game tickets through the forward market and asking for a similar service for travel.
So even if the forward market is signaling that it is worthwhile to plan on high runs to capture strong distillate prices, weak gasoline pricing trumps everything else when operating plans are being drawn up.
TTR, the worldwide exclusive provider of technology and services to enable Forward Markets, connects passionate fans and consumers with the events, products, and content they desire most.
Also, NDF volatility is higher than the domestic spot and forward markets.
According to Glencore's CEO, Willy Strothotte, the development of forward markets for commodities where no such instruments exist "will help producers and consumers hedge their positions against market fluctuations.
These techniques include forward market hedge, futures hedge, money market hedge, currency options, exposure netting and the use of official export/financing agencies.
National Spot Exchange Limited has not been under the regulatory supervision of Forward Markets Commission (FMC).
Speculators engaged in a series of sales of Hong Kong Dollars on spot and forward markets.
The Brazilian, Colombian and Venezuelan forward markets are trading above the projected bands.
Our customers are making significant bets on these forward markets, and need to underpin those decisions with an in-depth understanding of how market drivers such as weather, generator availability, power flows and congestion interact to determine market prices.
Commodity market regulator Forward Markets Commission which banned the exchange from introducing new contracts for next calendar year has given conditional approval to unveil contracts up go March if it concludes the technology agreement with Financial Technology.
Under the proposed regulations, Securities and Exchange Board of India ( Sebi), Forward Markets Commission ( FMC), Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority ( IRDA) and Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority ( PFRDA) would be merged into a new unified agency.

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