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North America Android Devices Installed Base (Millions) by Vendor, Form Factor, Device Model & Country
In choosing which form factor is right for a given customer, an OEM must consider the available space, how quickly the I/O technology is being adopted, and how quickly that technology is changing.
As the desktop market moves to lower thermal design power (TDP) processors and works to lower costs, an eye to balancing interchangeability of components with small form factor products becomes critical.
Ideal for multi-functional mobile PCs and non-PC applications such as telecommunications, printers, copiers, GPS systems and MP3 players, the new 60GB dual platter drive provides manufacturers with an abundance of capacity and performance in a compact form factor.
Staccato focused on the single-chip, all-CMOS approach from the beginning, knowing that the market segments that we're targeting would ultimately have these requirements, including the smallest form factor possible," said Marty Colombatto, chairman and CEO for Staccato Communications.
90 software modem into its Presario 1200T, 1400, 1600 and 1700 notebooks, utilizing the same industry-standard mini-PCI form factor.
We believe the combination of small form factor PCs and Windows 2000 will be very appealing to many corporate buyers since it provides a more stable platform with a lower total cost of ownership," says Charles Smulders, principal analyst for Dataquest's Personal Computers Worldwide program.
IDC reported that Toshiba's Q3 global market share was 33 percent of all form factor HDDs shipped to consumer electronics products, including digital audio players, portable media devices and notebook PCs.
We are excited to have ZTE as a licensee of our Fastap keypad technology as it provides an intuitive interface that meets the increasing demand for 3G services among mobile subscribers while maintaining a sleek form factor.
Its combination of Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC), MicroElectricalMechanicalSystem (MEMS) fabrication and the use of Butane, though extremely complex to develop, is the only option for a small-size form factor with high power density.
At a time when the PXI form factor is focusing on next-generation systems, PLX will play an important role in PCI Express's deployment on that platform.
It has been designed to confine the current flow on the antenna element and optimize its isolation to deliver higher performance in a small form factor with minimal SAR emissions.