Monetary reserve

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Monetary Reserve

The foreign currencies and precious metals that a central bank holds. A central bank's monetary reserve allows it to regulate its own currency; that is, a central bank with a large amount of reserves in euros is likely to closely follow or even peg its currency to the euro. On the other hand, central banks that keep monetary reserves in multiple currencies are more likely to follow either a basket peg or to have a floating currency. A monetary reserve is also called a currency reserve.

Monetary reserve.

A government's monetary reserve includes the foreign currency and precious metals that its central bank holds. That reserve enables the government to influence foreign exchange rates and to manage its transactions in the international marketplace.

For example, a country with a large reserve of US dollars is in a position to make significant investments in US markets.

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However, in March this year relative to December of 2014, the foreign currency reserves dropped by nearly 82 million euros, from 2.
The latest statistics about the foreign currency reserves indicate a decline in 2015 due to the early debt repayment to the IMF.
After Russia's foreign currency reserves slipped another USD6.
The foreign currency reserves of the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan are valued at $1.
79 billion at end of 2013, Israel's foreign currency reserves amounted the hike of $86.
CAIRO, Dec 7 (KUNA) -- Egypt Central Bank said Sunday that the country's foreign currency reserves declined by by USD 1.
The growth resulted from the currency receipt by the accounts of Kazakh Government in the National Bank and increase in balances on correspondent foreign currencies accounts, but was partially offset by the sale of currency in the domestic foreign exchange market, transfers of funds from the gold and foreign currency reserves to the National Fund assets and payments of the external national debt.
The central bank has managed investment of the kingdom's foreign currency reserves until now, much of it in US Treasury bonds, reported the Gulf Daily News, our sister publication, citing the Saudi news agency SPA.
March 15 (Saba) - Yemen's foreign currency reserves declined to $5.
He added, in response to questions over a recent $2bn deposit made by Qatar, that Egypt's foreign currency reserves were stable.
Foreign currency reserves rose in July due the use of external resources while foreign investment fell, the bank said without giving detailed figures.
Adib Mayyaleh said that the rise of the exchange rates during the past week isn't real and that it resulted from speculation and rumors that the CBS foreign currency reserves are depleted and that the SYP exchange rate has crashed.

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