Foreign official institutions

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Foreign official institutions

Central governments of foreign countries, including all departments and agencies of national governments; central banks, exchange authorities, and all fiscal agents of foreign national governments that undertake activities similar to those of a treasury, central bank, or stabilization fund; diplomatic and consular establishments of foreign national governments; and any international or regional organization, including subordinate and affiliate agencies, created by treaty or convention between sovereign states.

Foreign Official Institutions

The national government of another state, including all its departments, regulatory authorities, and diplomatic and consular missions. Knowledge of foreign official institutions is important to international businesses because they set their laws of commerce independently from the local government, and the laws may be quite different from each other.
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0 billion, while net purchases by foreign official institutions were $6.
billion, and net purchases by foreign official institutions were USD 17.
As a policymaker in Washington, serving in a variety of jobs at the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, I have been exposed to the flow of confidential intelligence on the condition of financial institutions, the settings of policy instruments, contingency plans for a wide array of conceivable emergencies, the views of other agencies, and the operations of foreign official institutions.
exchanges 25,381 34,233 Addenda: Net fair value of contracts: 58 With own foreign offices 19,594 26,584 59 With foreign official institutions 4,909 -2,753 60 Between U.

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