Foreign market

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Foreign market

Part of a nation's internal market, representing the mechanisms for issuing and trading securities of entities domiciled outside that nation. Compare external market and domestic market.

Foreign Market

The market in one country for the trading of securities registered and based in another country. Trading in a foreign market may involve trading on a foreign exchange electronically, or it may involve trading those foreign securities on a domestic exchange. Foreign markets often, but do not always, expose the investor to foreign exchange risk.
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Because of this balance arises our need for a foreign market.
According to a statement issued on Saturday by the Jordanian Free Zones Corporation, the value of goods that were exported from the free zones to foreign and local markets in July reached JD99 million including JD66 million to foreign markets and JD33 million to local markets.
In order to ensure protection of the economic interests of Ukraine in foreign markets there will be established an institution of Trade Representative abroad.
Macedonian companies have the potential to merge into a single brand to capture foreign markets better but there have been no concrete activities yet in this regard.
In IB research, the selection of foreign markets and the sequence of market entry modes were major topics for several decades.
He feared local markets would be indirectly affected by price hikes in foreign markets.
As the only Centre of Excellence dedicated purely to export related knowledge, it seeks to provide a unique combination of practical, on-the-ground information of foreign markets with generic export related management knowledge.
For realise the analyse of Romanian enterprises' strategies for entry on the foreign markets was necessary an exploratory marketing research on a sample composed of 20 companies exporting Romanian Western Region 5 acting on different external markets, the main objective was to identify the type of strategy for market penetration by using the same model used for studying foreign investors in Romania.
They may not be standard to foreign markets however, particularly those in developing countries.
Many suppliers are partnering with senior mining companies to gain access to foreign markets.
And to add a little more pep to the portfolio in 2006, Kasliwal suggests investing at least 20 percent to 30 percent of a portfolio in foreign markets.
Nearly half of the soybeans produced in the United States were exported to foreign markets during the 2002/2003 marketing year While the export market is one of the top priorities for the soybean industry, it is not expected to increase significantly during the next 10 years due to growing production in South America.

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