Foreign bond market

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Foreign bond market

Issues floated by foreign companies or government in the domestic bond market.

Foreign Bond Market

Bonds traded in a given country that were issued by a foreign government or company. The foreign bond market trades in the domestic currency and is regulated by domestic regulators.
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A large share of the PEMEX debt is in the foreign bond markets, with total issues reaching US$3.
long-term interest rates-rising steeply early in the year and falling in the second half-the change in the differential against most major foreign bond markets increased in favor of U.
investors shifted funds from foreign stock markets into foreign bond markets as overseas bond markets rallied.
In the United States, bond prices plummeted; prices in foreign bond markets also fell, but not as sharply as in the United States (chart 2).
Foreign bond markets continued to advance, as long-term interest rates fell in most countries (chart 4).

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