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Parkinson is the author of Cash Flow Forecasting Templates, available on CDROM at www.
Leetmaa has higher hopes for long-range forecasting.
Models should eventually be able to pick up these subtle forecasting hints from the ocean at any time of year.
As the ultimate consumers of business forecasts, the financial executives greatly influence the standards of forecasting in terms of the reports expected and the content and process required.
Demanding "the number" spawns bad forecasting habits that are hard to break, but by insisting on quantified uncertainty and transparent reasoning, financial executives can make a spectacular difference in the company's ability to prepare for the future and harness uncertainty for competitive advantage.
The butterfly effect places a real limit on the accuracy of weather forecasting models.
The Pareto Analysis in SYSPRO Forecasting makes this task less daunting by providing insight into the "most important" items on which attention should be focused.
Terra Technology is the leading provider of Real-Time Forecasting and Inventory solutions for consumer goods companies.
reports that its forecasting and planning team is now up and running on the Atlas Planning Suite's Demand Management Engine module for sales analysis and forecasting of products manufactured in the Company's El Salvador plant.
This forecasting technology achieved industry-leading accuracy in the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons.
NASDAQ: MANH), announced the availability of the stand-alone Demand Forecasting component of its Integrated Planning Solutions(TM).
Epidemiology-based forecasting is a transparent and rigorous approach to projecting the sales implications of critical events and overall market evolution.