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It has inspired many people to get into the business of flipping houses.
The Dow Jones industrial average was over 13,000 and people were flipping houses left and right.
Cary, who said he previously made money flipping houses when the real estate market was doing better, switched to selling all sorts of energy lighting systems via the Internet a year and a half ago.
After his chart topping hit "Ice Ice Baby," Vanilla Ice turned his focus to a new hobby - buying land and flipping houses.
Jeff has been in real estate for over 10 years and decided to become a real estate agent because of his background of flipping houses with his family.
We're looking for fantastic personalities with records for flipping houses," said casting agent, Brian Smith.
Owning real estate always has been more than getting easy loans, leveraging equities or flipping houses.
It's an honor to live out my passion, flipping houses day-in and day-out with my amazing crew, and we can't wait to break ground on our newest adventure.
For example, back in the mid-2000's, flipping houses was all the rage.