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from more volatile markets, representing an example of flight to quality.
Summary: Developer says flight to quality driving demand
Summary: DUBAI -- New property supply in Abu Dhabi has triggered the UAE capital's tenants' flight to quality and more affordable accommodations, according to a latest report by Asteco.
lt;span style="mso-spacerun: yes;">&nbsp; </span>As the stimulus money is removed from the system, the result will be lower stocks worldwide and an international flight to quality," Joseph Russo, managing director at NY-based RAIT Securities and a participant in the survey, told <em>Bloomberg.
76% * The bank benefits from strong brand-name recognition and an excellent reputation, particularly in its domestic market, and should benefit from a flight to quality in the event of market tension * One of the few indigenous banks in the region with the capacity to structure and underwrite large capital-market transactions * NBK's management is characterised by its strength and depth, as well as its clear strategy and vision The credit rating agency Moody's has released its latest credit analysis report for the National Bank of Kuwait.
Treasury securities, due to a flight to quality as investors worldwide sought shelter from the Greek debt crisis, benefited U.
The flight to quality trend continues across Dubai, with lower-limit rents for high-end units in Downtown Burj Dubai increasing 13 percent.
Pam Hess, Hewitt's director of retirement research, says the movement of money out of stable value reverses the sizable flight to quality into that type of fund that occurred amid last year's market turmoil.
2500 following the 50bp rate cut by the European Central Bank in the previous week, and as the outlook for growth and inflation is expected to deteriorate further in the months ahead, fears of a deepening recession is likely to weigh on the exchange rate as the flight to quality continues.
When things get bad, there is a flight to quality, and only the communities that are already running well will continue to do well.
Ultimately beaten comfortably by Flight To Quality, who came stands' side, but fooled some into going as low as 1.
Flight To Quality can make it third time lucky in the EBF Beverley Annual Badgeholders Median Auction Maiden Stakes (4.