Flexible expenses

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Flexible expenses

Expenses for an individual or corporation that can be adjusted or completely dispensed with, e.g., luxury goods.

Flexible Expenses

Unnecessary expenses that may be foregone if necessary. Personal flexible expenses might include luxury goods and services such as those associated with a vacation. Business flexible expenses might include personal accounts used to take potential clients out to dinner. In certain circumstances, even necessary expenses can be considered flexible if one may cut back on them. For example, one may spend less on groceries in a given week.
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This section stresses good management planning by showing how budgets for all areas in an entity are linked together, how sample budgeting formats for numerous organizational areas interact with pertinent statistical measures, how flexible expense budgeting can best be used, how the budgeting process can be streamlined or modified to enhance the speed of its construction or updating, and how budgets can be used for control purposes.
Nomura's bottom-line performance may continue to be vulnerable to a relatively higher level of fluctuation without a more flexible expense structure in place,'' it said.
As a company, our cash position remains strong, we continue to have no corporate debt and our flexible expense structure allows us to respond quickly to changing market conditions.
While CFC has enjoyed strong operating results, Fitch expects that the end of the refinance boom will likely dampen the mortgage banking and capital markets results, but should be mitigated to a certain degree by a shift in focus to the purchase market and a flexible expense base.
Just a few of these powerful features are more flexible expense reporting, enhanced inventory options such as multiple sales prices and custom fields, as well as new and enhanced accounting capabilities.
Additional benefits include a free health and dental plan; flexible expense (CAFE) program; tuition reimbursement; 401K profit sharing/retirement plan; comprehensive employee assistance program (EAP); long-term care insurance; on-site fitness center; and four full-time, heavily subsidized child development centers serving the needs of its 7,000 U.
Additional company benefits include a generous 401K profit sharing/retirement plan with discretionary contributions, incentive stock options, flexible expense (CAFE) plan for health and dependent care, employee assistance programs, and free health and dental care for spouses, children, stepchildren and domestic partners.
Flexible expenses include money spent on wants and needs that are irregular in nature.

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