Flat price

Flat price (also clean price)

The quoted newspaper price of a bond that does not include accrued interest. The price paid by the purchaser is the full price.

Clean Price

The price of a coupon bond that does not include any interest that accrues. That is, a clean price is the price of a bond discounting future cash flows. Because the dirty price does include interest between coupon payments, the dirty price and the clean price will equal each other only immediately following a coupon payment. Most American exchanges use the clean price when quoting bond prices.
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The new offering, dubbed as Kake-hodai Light Plan, will facilitate customers to enjoy unrestricted domestic voice call of less than five minutes at a flat price of 1,700 yen per month.
The modest rise in distressed sales, which typically are discounted 10 to 15 percent relative to traditional homes, dampened the median price in December, but the flat price trend continues," Yun explained.
We should think through the pros and cons of having an individual-patient price (such as $600 per year for Crixivan) for critical drugs for poor countries -- as opposed to governments, international agencies, and others contracting to pay pharmaceutical companies a flat price to manufacture whatever amount of drug is needed for treatment programs there.
They decided to take her and the baby to the ambulance, but as they were leaving the flat Price appeared on the landing and kicked and punched the two ambulance technicians.
Our cost of 10 [pounds sterling] will be a flat price with no pressure to buy a second pair of glasses.
They can access our 12 databases to find virtually any prospect they need and, with a flat price of $250 per month, they can get unlimited sales leads, unlimited mailing labels and access to any database at any time.
It then returned to the tree farm and picked up the people dropped off earlier complete with the trees they bought at a flat price of $30 each.
Using the current forward price for 2011-14 in our models (instead of a flat price curve), brings the gold company average P/E to 9.
15pm EST that could help alleviate some of the flat price risk for the US refining industry, according to some oil industry participants.
Flat price, we will probably see the market in a 10-20 cent trading range either side of tonight's close (331.
Long term flat price direction will more than likely be dictated by the USDA and it's use of the export enhancement program and other benefits (credit etc.