Fixed price basis

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Fixed price basis

An offering of securities at a fixed price.

Fixed Price

1. See: Offering price.

2. A price that is not subject to negotiation. The fixed price may be set by a government, or may indicate that the seller has no interest to lower the price for any reason. One must either pay the fixed price or not buy the product. Many products must specify whether or not they have fixed prices because price negotiation is common in many parts of the world. For example, if Wal-Mart sells milk for $3 per gallon, milk is offered on a fixed price basis because the customer cannot make a counter-offer for $2.50. One either buys the milk at $3 or does not.
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Firm To Offer On Fixed Price Basis Only And Offer With Pvc Are Likely To Be Passed Over.
Issues Notice of Award to DRA/Group Five Joint Venture as Construction Contractor on Fixed Price Basis
The company is yet to decide on whether to raise the money through a book-building process or a fixed price basis.
Following completion of detailed engineering and cost estimates by Outotec, the capital cost on a fixed price basis is expected to be approximately US$204 million.
Majid Al Futtaim has awarded the construction contract valued at US$ 400 million for Mall of Egypt to a 50/50 joint venture between Orascom Construction Industries (OCI) and the BESIX Group, which, pending approval by the 6th October Authority, will construct the project on a lump sum fixed price basis.
The agreements include a new five-year Air Transportation Services Agreement between ATSG's subsidiary ABX Air and DHL, under which ABX will continue to provide Boeing 767 aircraft operating support to the US part of DHL's international logistics network on a mainly fixed price basis.
Virtually all of contractors services are provided fixed price basis.
On the day I looked there were more than 360,000 toys and games up for sale, on an auction or fixed price basis.
So I say to our two councils, have another go at getting the trams back on track, but do it in the same way as most private firms do, on a fixed price basis
The experience gained on the prior contract may serve as a basis to reasonably price similar future efforts on a fixed price basis.
The terms establish a 3 year supply on a fixed price basis of up to 33 tonnes per day of fuel grade material.
4Sight allows Global Aerospace to have superior enterprise class business intelligence on a fixed price basis.