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While the economic impact of fire sales is the same regardless of whether dealers or lenders are selling, the types of tools that are effective in mitigating fire sale risk will differ, depending on whether the seller is a dealer or a creditor.
must be effectively robust in order to remove fire sale risk successfully.
Dicks, 40, who takes over as manager of non-League Wivenhoe Town tomorrow, said: "Leeds had fire sales and look where they are now - down in League One.
Phils' fire sale begins with Bell: 3B dealt to Brewers; other trades
A fire sale of stadiums and arenas would bring some much-needed revenue for cash-strapped cities and counties, even in the long term (in the form of future sales and property taxes, which frequently go uncollected on municipally owned properties).
One major company in the United States is already in its second year of a fire sale to raise cash for debt reduction.
Despite coming close on a couple, Hicks came away from the fire sale empty handed.
Moreover, our sense was that the consequences of a fire sale triggered by cross-default clauses, should LTCM fail on some of its obligations, risked a severe drying up of market liquidity.
Broad has a passion for picking up the assets of failing companies at fire sale prices and bringing in experienced portfolio managers to lift their performance.
in Wellington, New Zealand, writes to tell me about a sign he swears he saw "on a central city street this year, in a shop window: Fire Sale -- Soon.
Shadow Economic Secretary Cathy Jamieson said: "Any lossmaking fire sale to suit George Osborne's political timetable would not be in the best interests of the taxpayer.