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1. Describing information that is or may be relevant for a firm's operations. For example, if a VCR company is experiencing a dearth of demand because most of its potential customers are buying DVD players, this is material information that will likely need to be disclosed to shareholders. See also: Immaterial.

2. Raw substances that a company uses to make its product. For example, an oil refinery's material is crude oil, which it makes into refined oil.


Of sufficient importance or relevance as to have possible significant influence on an outcome. For example, the possibility that a firm might lose its right to operate a number of television stations because competitors have filed with the Federal Communications Commission for those licenses would be a material fact in preparing the firm's financial statements. Compare immaterial.
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For instance, a crawler unit that unloads trucks, feeds a shear and loads trucks with the finished material can do all of this without ranging far from its power source.
Finished material can be compressed into standard bales for shipping and handling.
San Francisco, CA-based Tianjiao International Company, after more than 10 years of successful international business in chemical, electronics and general industries, has grown to a leading global material supplier with a diversity of products, ranging from raw materials to finished material components.
Siding and beams were made of poured concrete, but the grain of the wooden forms was transferred to the finished material, which was then stained to resemble redwood.
It was clear that we did not have the equipment to properly process the drywall and to deliver finished material that Royster-Clark could use in manufacturing its fertilizer.