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1. Describing information that is or may be relevant for a firm's operations. For example, if a VCR company is experiencing a dearth of demand because most of its potential customers are buying DVD players, this is material information that will likely need to be disclosed to shareholders. See also: Immaterial.

2. Raw substances that a company uses to make its product. For example, an oil refinery's material is crude oil, which it makes into refined oil.


Of sufficient importance or relevance as to have possible significant influence on an outcome. For example, the possibility that a firm might lose its right to operate a number of television stations because competitors have filed with the Federal Communications Commission for those licenses would be a material fact in preparing the firm's financial statements. Compare immaterial.
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This fully automated, self-contained, bulk material handling system completely manages material from the introduction stage, through discharge and conditioning, to downstream supply of finished material into manufacturing operations.
The operator needs only to load the roll, adjust sheet length and slit width and unload the stacks of finished material for the next processing operation.
To make the finished material, they then stack layers of film.
The finished material should be coated with one coat of Red Oxide Paint.
The assignment includes The supply in the buildings of the municipal technical service - The whole of the finished material as described in the technical provisions of the specifications; : - For the immediate withdrawal of this material in all products; : - The filling of the reservoirs; : - The normal spare parts and consumables (filters, belts, oils, etc.