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Consumers have increasingly embraced fingerprint readers as an alternative to keying in complex usernames, PINs and passwords.
The software and eCommerce portfolio includes AuthenTec's TrueSuite[R] identity management software, Eikon fingerprint readers for PC and Mac, KeepVault online backup services, and mobile and PC applications that enhance security and the user experience.
Joining the FIDO Alliance marks another significant step in the development of our fingerprint reader solutions, said Hassane El-Khoury, Executive Vice President of the Programmable Solutions Division at Cypress.
It will open up for sales of fingerprint readers, but most important; it is a great entering point for those considering more complete and secure authentication solutions building on our more comprehensive Precise Match-on-Card[TM].
The Hamster Pro Duo/CL is a dual mode biometric device that delivers SecuGen s larger platen, high image quality fingerprint reader with a contactless smart card reader, said SecuGen.
U Fingerprint Readers Help Retailer Meet Password Management Requirements of PCI Data Security Standards
Customers can now easily match the right fingerprint reader with each application's requirements, by choosing from among UPEK's compatible family of Eikon fingerprint readers, which ranges from low-cost swipe sensor devices to highly-secure, government certified, one-touch fingerprint readers.
Biometric equipment (camera, fingerprint reader fingerprint, board for electronic signature and integrated fingerprint sensor)
UPEK also provides consumer packaged goods including the CES-award-winning Eikon Digital Privacy Manager, the only fingerprint reader on the market that supports both PCs and Macs.
Contract awarded for personal computer portable 14 "windows operating system includes 350 gigabytes of memory, multiport, fingerprint reader for security, including web camera, anti-water.
of Atlanta has added a biometric fingerprint reader to its product enhancements category.
MaxID, a rugged mobile computer company, today announced the integration of Lumidigm's fingerprint reader into the iDLMax, a handheld identity management device.