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Faced with the prospect of growing deficits every budget cycle, the mayor, city council, and staff of Redmond, Washington, worked together to develop a long-range financial strategy that resulted in structurally balanced budgets that focused on realizing the city's vision.
If you died tomorrow, would your financial strategy, without insurance, enable your spouse to maintain the lifestyle that the two of you worked so hard to achieve?
It was in fact referring to a question in that paper's predecessor, the November 2001 final level Financial Strategy exam.
Ron Ford, Chief of Financial Strategy at Wells Real Estate Funds.
However, these kinds of efforts are often marginal to the business, are not integrated into the overall financial strategy and fail to adequately demonstrate improved clinical outcomes.
Kevin McLaughlin, Principal of Mercer's Financial Strategy Group, commented, "The structure of this deal has clarified a number of barriers which were holding up the development of this market.
Ford has joined the firm as chief of financial strategy.
NEW YORK -- Ramirez & Company today announced that Niso Abuaf and his team have joined the firm after a long career at Credit Suisse where Abuaf ran their Financial Strategy Group.
Convenience Financial Strategy Group (CFSG) today announced a partnership with Cybera, a leading MPLS-based managed service provider, to become the newest member in Cybera's growing channel partner program.
A review of the financial strategy of the company as recorded in public statements and reports, followed by an analysis of the accounts for the last five years.
Barring any substantial changes in financial strategy, Fitch views this tax-free spin off favorably for the ratings of both Altria and Kraft.
Consistent with the Company's financial strategy, any such financing activities would be designed to maintain financial flexibility and reduce the Company's cost of capital.

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