financial statement

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Financial statement

A report of basic accounting data that helps investors understand a firm's financial history and activities.

Financial Statement

Any list of the assets and liabilities of a company designed to show its financial health, profits or losses, and/or other variables. The two most common financial statements are the balance sheet and the income statement. Publicly-traded companies and some others are legally required to publish certain financial statements.

financial statement

A report providing financial statistics relative to a given part of an organization's operations or status. The two most common financial statements are the balance sheet and the income statement. See also comparative financial statements.

financial statement

A semi-itemized list of the assets and liabilities of a person or entity as of a point in time,and the revenues and expenses over a representative month or over a period of time such as one year. Do not confuse with financing statement.

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The relationships between the financial reporting team members are critical to the quality of the financial reports.
Senior management requires entirely new levels of visibility into reporting processes to gain the confidence to certify the content of their financial reports.
xls on the desktops of all personnel who should have access to your company's financial reports.
Despite their concerns about the difficulty of finding information and confirming it,; completeness, the researchers believe online financial reports can deliver a wide range of benefits for global business, as long as regulators and standard setters agree on and apply some much-needed ground rules to the process of creating, distributing and maintaining electronic financial reports.
2 also addressed the appropriate content of general purpose financial reports issued by federal entities.
The models have raised a lot of questions among preparers and users of government financial reports, and it is the GASB's most controversial project since the board was formed in 1984.
The International Federation of Accountants released a study that examines the definition of the government financial reporting entity and the variety, of ways governments construct financial reports.
While compliance may be good enough to earn an unqualified opinion from the auditor, it is not necessarily the best result for the users of those financial reports or for the boards of directors in meeting their corporate governance responsibilities.
Formed the special committee on financial reporting (the Jenkins committee) to evaluate the need for, and recommend changes in, financial reports.
and Canadian standards do not require inclusion of segment information in interim financial reports.
business has to question whether historical cost can continue to be the anchor of our financial reports.

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