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That vision makes up part of phase three of the Financial Quarter plan, in which Capitol and Center would be redesigned with public spaces repurposed for mixed use and existing buildings converted for high-rise housing.
Phase one of the Financial Quarter includes three main objectives: to plan a "pop-up" event, add street furniture and make use of "pop-up" kiosks.
These could feature retail vendors, restaurants, live music and more, all while emphasizing the new Financial Quarter brand.
The company expects to file its 3rd financial quarter 10-QSB by November 15, 2004.
Operating profit in the financial quarter July-September 2005 amounted to EUR59.
Changes to the loan repayment schedules for the 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 financial years mean that principal repayments will occur only in the first and fourth financial quarters, with no repayments occurring in the second and third financial quarters, which is the low season for operations.
Apple has lost $936 million over the past five financial quarters, and does not expect to make money again until the fall.
Strength in our end markets, and our emphasis on innovation, high quality acquisitions, profitable recurring revenue streams and operational excellence have contributed to the consistently strong operating and financial performance we have delivered the past several financial quarters.
We remain positive that ASML will deliver another two solid financial quarters to complete 2004.

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