Small Business Administration

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Small Business Administration

An agency of the U.S. federal government that guarantees loans made to entrepreneurs and small businesses. It also provides special assistance to businesses run by women and minorities. It was established in 1953.

Small Business Administration (SBA)

A federal government agency created in 1953 to “aid, counsel, assist and protect... the interests of small business concerns,” including real estate-related industries. It provides training and counseling and financial assistance through loans and guarantees. The SBA ( also negotiates small business set-asides with federal agencies requiring outside goods and services, meaning that a certain predetermined percentage of those contracts will be awarded to small businesses.

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After hearing the matter, the Ombudsman issued the directives to Law Department to provide financial assistance of Rs 8 lac to the family of the deceased.
The amounts entities must contribute from their own resources toward projects for which financial assistance is provided.
The main objective of AotSF is to provide financial assistance for families to vacation with Autism on the Seas.
He said that a new example of public service has been set up by providing financial assistance to the calamityhit people so speedily.
The chief secretary ordered that every application regarding financial assistance should be completely scrutinized through honest officers to avoid any injustice.
Persons or entities that enter into contracts with covered employers to perform services for at least 90 days on property improved or developed with the requisite amount of financial assistance are also covered.
An 'on account' payment up to 90 percent of the amount payable towards financial assistance during the previous year may be made to KoPT in the following years in equal quarterly installments based on audit certificate for the previous year.
5 billion of ESM financial assistance will remain available for Cyprus.
Russia Embassy to Kyrgyzstan thanked Kyrgyz citizens, organizations and universities, who provided moral and financial assistance to the residents of the Far Eastern Federal District of the Russian Federation suffered from the floods, the press service of the Embassy said on September 12.
The Board of the Namibian Students Financial Assistance Fund has decided to put the loans to students studying at some identified foreign higher learning institutions on hold pending the outcome of a visit to those institutions by a delegation from the Ministry of Education.
The purpose of Dreamkeepers is to provide emergency financial assistance to HFCC students with legitimate financial concerns and help them stay in college to pursue their education.
15 million in financial assistance to its sponsored orphans in Gaza Strip and West Bank for the period October to December 2011.

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