Financial analysts

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Financial analysts

Also called securities analysts and investment analysts. Professionals who analyze financial statements, interview corporate executives, and attend trade shows, in order to write reports recommending either purchasing, selling, or holding various stocks.

Financial Analyst

A person who researches and reports on the state of securities. An analyst uses technical or fundamental signals to determine which securities are likely to be profitable, and which are not. Financial analysts help persons and organizations in making investment decisions. See also: CFA.
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Many financial analysts are embracing the use of Web based retirement planning tools to interact in real-time with retirees and to assist the more than 70 million baby boomers who will turn age 59 1/2 and enter the distribution phase of life over the next 15 years.
Good financial analysts can draw conclusions with incomplete information and have a feel--an educated gut feel, perhaps--for when information is relevant and when it isn't.
Both financial analysts and advisors gather information, analyze investments, and make investment recommendations.
The code requires financial analysts to conduct themselves with integrity and dignity, act in a professional and ethical manner, act with competence, use proper care and exercise independent professional judgment.
CONTACT: Ian Colley of The Weiser Walek Group, 212-684-4440, for the Los Angeles Society of Financial Analysts.
He is a Certified Public Accountant, a Chartered Financial Analyst, and a Chartered Investment Counselor, and a member of the International Society of Financial Analysts.
The CFA Society of Los Angeles (CFALA) is an organization of more than 1,900 financial professionals, most of whom have earned or are in the process of earning the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.
In his new role, he will direct the activities of the company's financial analysts team as well as participate in new client installations and support a variety of strategic projects.
This one-day event is designed for financial analysts, institutional investors, and industry analysts.
The press release will be followed by a real-time webcast of the conference call with financial analysts at 12:00 p.
The Market Blog is written throughout every trading day by Schaeffer's financial analysts and traders.
A check on the overall outlook from financial analysts shows that before this morning's downgrades, there were nine "buy" ratings, 11 "hold" ratings, and one "sell" rating on AAPL.

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