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The financial incentives can improve results, and improve compliance and adherence," he added.
One participant stated that the offer of a financial incentive had no influence on him, but that he was supportive of the use of incentives if they help others improve their health.
Paying people to quit smoking significantly increased smoking-cessation rates, compared with a control strategy that had no financial incentives, according to a workplace-based study.
The magnitude of this substitution effect depends on two factors: (i) the compensated wage elasticity and (ii) the gap between income received under the current welfare system and income received under the financial incentive program at various hours of work.
Indeed, P4P programs essentially are initiatives to address what has been cited in this literature as a key perceived barrier to guideline adherence, namely lack of reimbursement or financial incentives (Institute of Medicine 2001).
Financial incentives are bonuses awarded to doctors for various reasons, primarily for keeping certain health care costs down.
In addition, the PO must be cognizant of the liability issues related to provider financial incentives, as well as the antitrust, Stark II, and state insurance/regulatory implications of forming and operating an organization of physicians for purposes of taking risk.
Among employee physicians with fixed incomes (paid by wage or unadjusted salaries), significant bonus opportunities are associated with a perceived financial incentive to increase services to patients.
FOUR out of five drivers would buy a ``green'' car if they had a financial incentive, research out this week shows.
This program aims to encourage candidates to install energy efficient equipment and to construct buildings that exceed the energy efficiency of standard design practices, and the energy conservation code, by offering a financial incentive and technical support to do so.
The GEOSmart loan program enables customers to use a part of the financial incentive offered by APS to buy down interest rates.
Will offering a financial incentive in return for organ donation have an impact on Americans willingness to donate?

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