consumer goods

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Consumer goods

Goods not used in production but bought for personal or household use such as food, clothing, and entertainment.

Consumer Goods

Goods intended to be used by themselves, rather than as part of the production of another good. The most common consumer goods are food and clothing. Most of the time, consumer goods are sold by retailers, as opposed to wholesalers.

consumer goods

products such as television sets, bread and clothing, which are purchased by CONSUMERS for their own personal consumption. See GOOD, CONSUMER DURABLES, CONSUMER NONDURABLES.

consumer goods

any products, such as washing machines, beer, toys, that are purchased by consumers as opposed to businesses. Compare CAPITAL GOODS, PRODUCER GOODS.
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The price of the final good must then be equal to [p.
There are five types of agents in our model economy: 1) households, 2) employment agencies, 3) firms producing intermediate goods, 4) firms producing final goods, and 5) the monetary authority.
Notice, A is external to final goods producers, who only formulate demand for labour and intermediate inputs according to the following standard marginal revenue conditions:
where w and r are the wage rate and the interest rate in terms of the final goods, respectively.
Noting that the absolute value of the price elasticity of demand for intermediate goods (by final goods firms) is the same as the elasticity of substitution of intermediate goods, 1/(1 - [Rho]), and is thus increasing in [Rho], equation (6) shows that the markup is inversely related to that price elasticity.
In Francois, differentiated inputs are assembled into a final good without using other primary factors.
The production of the final good requires setting a value to N+1 parameters : [epsilon] and [[zeta].
12) In this model, outsourcing provides the supplier with better incentives, but integration gives the final good producer better monitoring opportunities.
Given the fact that most forms of public investment, such as infrastructure or education spending, serve to increase productivity in both final goods and human capital production simultaneously, total public capital expenditures are not decomposed into those that only affect output production and those that only affect human capital production.
9) The preferences of the individuals are given by the expected utility function, maximizing utility over their consumption of the final good and their leisure time:
WHEN The Two Ronnies said their final good night from me (and good night from him) in the early 1980s, they seemed to have kept their promise to call it a day.
We will be very sad not to be taking part in Thursday''s re-run, but my husband Mike and I would like to wish everybody left in the final good luck, and safe running.