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Although setting up an electrospinning experiment is a breeze, researchers are just beginning to understand the complicated combination of physics, fluid mechanics, and polymer science that produces these micro- and nanoscale fibers.
To help in wood-plastic product development, M-Base Engineering + Software in Germany has created the first database of properties of natural fibers and plastic compounds containing these fibers.
Evan Paul, a Forest Ethics paper campaigner, says, "While it's better to be growing kenaf instead of logging, we want to really look at the whole life cycle of natural fibers.
For these reasons, imports of paper and board and papermaking fiber to China are significant.
But even though most soluble fibers lower cholesterol, says Jenkins, "it's not true of them all.
One of the major contributions that Allied Fibers has made to fiber technology is its development of high modulus, low shrinkage DSP [TM] tire cords, dimensionally stable polyester engineered to improve tire uniformity, reduce sidewall indentations and minimize tires' rolling resistance.
Many new breakthroughs and innovations in fiber optics and associated technologies will be presented at OFC/NFOEC 2007 - the largest and most comprehensive international event for optical communications.
It's testing an exterior car body panel made of Azdel Superlite (a low-density version of Azdel formable composite sheet) made with random glass fibers in a PC/PBT matrix.
He suspects it will take less time to turn nanotubes into functional fibers for making macroscopic materials.
Separating fiber types: Develop technologies to separate: (1) mechanical and unbleached kraft fibers from lignin-free; (2) unbleached kraft from mechanical and lignin-free; (3) mechanical from unbleached kraft; (4) offshore OCC from domestic OCC.
One of the most important characteristics of a rubber composite reinforced by such fibers is its fatigue resistance.
The report profiles 531 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as Acordis, Far Eastern Textiles and Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co.