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Barclays, for instance, says "recent Fedspeak and latest economic projections suggest that the hurdle to begin the hiking cycle is not very high, [and] we believe the front end is vulnerable to a sell-off".
Economic Calendar16 NOV EU Sep current accountEU Sep Trade BalanceUS Sep TIC data $bnUS Oct Industrial productionUS Fedspeak - Lockhart
The justification of the current secrecy and Fedspeak mumbo-jumbo is that the whole system is so unstable that it will collapse if the public gets a clear look at it in the light of day.
Monsieur Trichet soothed all worries with proper European Fedspeak, stating: "We are alert and everybody must know that we will do whatever is needed to deliver price stability and be credible in that delivery.
Dealers and analysts said Fedspeak continues to keep down sentiment, though most believe the Fed will stand aside at its policy meeting later this month.
Solve the puzzle of Alan Greenspan's Fedspeak and you are on your way to millions of dollars in trading profits in the financial markets.
In fact, several governors have taken the discussion of monetary policy to the public stage in recent weeks and the lively internal debate over the future of QE2 and monetary policy is spilling out through the various channels of Fedspeak.