Federal Reserve District

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Federal Reserve District (Reserve district or district)

One of the twelve geographic regions served by a Federal Reserve Bank.

Federal Reserve District

The region over which a Federal Reserve Bank has jurisdiction. Each Federal Reserve Bank has the authority to regulate member banks in its district, as well as to help regulate the money supply. Every member bank is required to buy stock in its district's Federal Reserve Bank in order to support its efforts. Each district consists of multiple states and parts of states. For example, the Kansas City Federal Reserve District includes Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and parts of Missouri and New Mexico.
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Established by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in 2010, the CDIACs in the 12 Federal Reserve districts provide a diverse perspective on the economy, lending conditions, and other issues facing thrift institutions, credit unions, and community banks with different charters and regulators (including state member, state nonmember, and national banks).
continued to expand from January to early February with the outlook among most of the twelve Federal Reserve Districts "remained optimistic," the Federal Reserve said Wednesday in its Beige Book.
Reports from the 12 Federal Reserve districts indicate that the economy continued to improve, on balance,'' the central bank said in the latest Beige Book, dropping the expression ''albeit at a moderate pace'' used in the previous report in October.
The Federal Advisory Council, composed of a representative from each of the 12 Federal Reserve Districts, confers periodically with the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System on business conditions and issues related to the banking industry.
Economic activity generally continued to expand in September and early October, according to reports from the twelve Federal Reserve Districts, particularly in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Kansas City.
The Bulletin will continue to include topical research articles and summaries of Board survey findings, the Board's semiannual Monetary Policy Reports, a Legal Developments section, and other features such as lists of staff members, councils, committees, lists of Federal Reserve publications, and maps of the Federal Reserve Districts.
Collectively, the Fifth District ranks fourth among Federal Reserve Districts in terms of both the total assets and the market capitalization of its banking organizations.
The Federal Reserve's Beige Book indicated that according to reports from contacts in the twelve Federal Reserve Districts, economic activity "expanded at a measured pace in recent weeks.
economy has weakened across all Federal Reserve districts since October.
The Federal Reserve's Beige Book indicated that reports from the twelve Federal Reserve Districts indicated that "economic activity generally expanded modestly" since the last report, which was issued in August It indicated that the New York District noted "a leveling off in economic activity" and Kansas City indicated "some slowing in the pace of growth," but "in general, other Districts reported that growth continued at a modest pace.
Reports from the 12 Federal Reserve districts indicated that economic activity continued to expand,'' with 11 districts reporting expansion and three of them noting that the pace of activity ''had quickened since their last reports,'' the Fed said in the January Beige Book report.
Currently, the eleven Federal Reserve Districts with savings bond operations use two different savings bond automation systems.

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