Farm Credit Administration

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Farm Credit Administration (FCA)

An independent agency ( responsible for regulating and examining banks in the Farm Credit System, including Farmer Mac. It is funded through assessments made against the FCS institutions.
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The percentages of debt held by the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) and the Farmer's Home Administration (FmHA) are presented, respectively, in columns 2 and 3 of Table 2.
It received an initial infusion of capital from Millennium Challenge Account-Armenia (MCA) and continues to get technical support from the Farm Credit Administration, the Farm Credit System and the USDA.
Upon their return to the Washington area, the Russians visited the headquarters of the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) in McLean, Va.
For six years in the 1930s, it was even housed in the Farm Credit Administration before returning to USDA.
Nancy Pellett, chairman and CEO of the Farm Credit Administration (FCA), which regulates the FCS, testified at a Congressional hearing Sept.

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