Fallen angels

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Fallen angels

Bonds that at the time of issue were considered investment grade but that have dropped below that rating over time.

Fallen Angel

1. A junk bond that was once investment-grade.

2. A stock that has fallen steeply in price from its previous high.

In both cases, fallen angels may be undervalued, value investments or bad investments nearing bankruptcy. This makes investing in a fallen angel very risky but it has the possibility of a high return.
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This to the chief of the fallen angels was grief and pain, and his heart boiled within him in anger.
Hush Hush" is a story about fallen angels who roam the earth looking for vessels to possess and when they do they are able to mate with the women of the earth.
Not your usual web-series, They Live Among Us weaves a rich tapestry, using mythos from ancient Judeo-Christian, Asian and Greco-Roman cultures, to tell a story of fallen angels, suicidal spirits and the mortals they love as they struggle to find grace in the place known as the City of Angels.
Fallen angels and first-time bond issuers have pushed up the refinancing needs of EMEA speculative-grade (spec-grade) companies to a record $101 bln next year, despite substantial bond issuance in the last 12 months, Moody's Investors Service said in its latest study.
A Field Guide to Demons, Vampires, Fallen Angels, and Other Subversive Spirits" discuss these creatures of mythology which seem human but are anything but.
FALLEN Angels Dance Theatre (FADT) performs Chapter One: Battle for the Soul at the Black-E this month.
This is Spring Summer 08, a collection called Fallen Angels and what's being billed as "punky nymphs ready for an elegant fall in the concrete jungle".
The independently-produced Gabriel, described as a "gothic action thriller" where archangels and fallen angels struggle for control of reborn souls, is due to be shown in Australian cinemas from November 15 and has just been bought by Sony.
The former Atomic Kitten hit the bars in Manchester on Friday with 40 girlfriends all dressed as fallen angels.
A primary source work of occult manuscripts, illustrated with black- and-white charts and diagrams, A Treatise on Angel Magic includes the hierarchies of fallen angels, evocation of the Nature Spirits, and John Dee's Enochian system of Angel conjuration.
Writer/director Kevin Smith is a parochial-school theologian who uses arcane Catholic trivia to fashion a film about two fallen angels trying to sneak back to heaven on a technicality.