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In a footage captured by a surveillance camera, obtained by the CW affiliate KTLA, setup by a nearby store in front of which the incident took place, Smith and Falce were seen briefly talking to one another on New Year's Eve before Smith appears to punch the veteran law enforcement official in the head, sending him falling to the ground where his skull then collides with the pavement.
For rythe os heretykys in pe begynnyng of pe fayth weryn abowten wyth here smethe wordys and plesyng and falce opynyons to ha distroyed pe feythe of pe Trinite, ryght so now pis Lollardes wyth her smethe wordys and plesyng to pe pepul bene abowtyn to drawen pe pepul fro pe fayth of Holy [fol.
16) Dopo il ventennio fascista e con l'avvento della Repubblica, il Partito Comunista Italiano adotto l'immagine di Garibaldi come simbolo della lotta dei lavoratori, sbandierandone il ritratto accanto al distintivo simbolo della falce e martello.
N'a pas dure longtemps Poi venne la falce Vint le tour de la faux che il grano taglio Qui tailla les tiges e un colpo di vento i Et un coup de vent qui papaveri in alto porto.
Pacific Trust Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Banc of California, Inc (NASDAQ: BANC), has said that Michael Falce, Larry Maitlin and Judy Treichler have joined Pacific Trust Bank to lead the Correspondent Lending Group that was recently added to Pacific Trust Bank's Residential Lending Division.
paz I be fol and fykel and falce of my hert, Dewoyde now py vengaunce, purz vertu of rauthe; Thaz I be gulty of gyle, as gaule of prophetes, pou art God, and alle gowdez ar graypely pyn owen.
Two new models - Falce a time trial bike and Chiaro an aero frame bike - have now been designed.
Now am I fawty and falce, and ferde haf ben euer Of trecherye and vntrawpe: bope bityde sor3e and care