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The FTSE All-Share Food & Drug Retailers Index dropped 5.
When you compare the three major UK asset classes of property, the FTSE all-share index, and gilts, our research has revealed that property is once again the best performing asset.
It was also the second biggest annual slide of all time, only overshadowed by the 55% fall for the FTSE All-Share seen in 1974.
While the FTSE ALL-Share Index soared 18 per cent, payouts for those on pounds 50 a month, 25-year endowments are a pitiful 0.
Pirc's review of 444 companies on the FTSE All-Share Index found that some were merely paying lip-service to the code, while others were not giving convincing reasons for failing to comply with its provisions.
The FTSE All-Share Index produced a total return of 7.
Start saving into an FTSE All-Share Index tracker fund with regular monthly premiums of pounds 30 to pounds 50.
Alpha strategy, the mandate's objective is to target performance of two percent over the FTSE All-Share Index.
3%, which is ahead of the FTSE All-Share Index return of
The stock market is a discounting mechanism and has already discounted a considerable amount of distress, with the FTSE All-Share Index falling 40% from its peak of June 2007.
More than half of the FTSE All-Share companies are failing to comply with the Combined Code on corporate governance.