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Fill or Kill

An order to a broker to buy or sell a security or derivative, usually in large quantities, in which investors have a short period of time to partially or completely fulfill the order before it is cancelled. An FOK may be considered the opposite of a good 'til cancelled (GTC) order; it differs from an immediate or cancel (IOC) order because an IOC may only be partially filled, while an FOK must be entirely filled or the whole offer is void. An FOK is considered a type of day order, but has a much shorter time frame. See also: All-or-None Offering.

Fill or kill (FOK).

If an investor places an FOK order, it means the broker must cancel the order if it can't be filled immediately.

This type of order is typically used as part of a trading strategy requiring a series of transactions to occur simultaneously.

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A whole range of other Czech conductors have worked with the FOK.
In the Nineties, after the departure of Martin Turnovsky, Gaetano Delogu from Italy worked with the FOK as principal conductor for a while, while several interesting Czech guests alternated with him on the stand (Libor Pesek, Zdenek Macal).
The FOK Concert Agency was founded in 1962 as a practical agency for Prague.
FOK and its agency have brought myriad world virtuosos to Prague.
Those who have had FOK contracts include the violinists Vaclav Hudecek, Ivan Straus and Ivan Zenaty, the pianists Mirka Pokorna and Emil Leichner, the cellist Stanislav Apolin, and the violist Lubomir Maly.
The list of names has changed, musicians come and gone, but FOK has remained the biggest "home" music institution.