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Fill or Kill

An order to a broker to buy or sell a security or derivative, usually in large quantities, in which investors have a short period of time to partially or completely fulfill the order before it is cancelled. An FOK may be considered the opposite of a good 'til cancelled (GTC) order; it differs from an immediate or cancel (IOC) order because an IOC may only be partially filled, while an FOK must be entirely filled or the whole offer is void. An FOK is considered a type of day order, but has a much shorter time frame. See also: All-or-None Offering.

Fill or kill (FOK).

If an investor places an FOK order, it means the broker must cancel the order if it can't be filled immediately.

This type of order is typically used as part of a trading strategy requiring a series of transactions to occur simultaneously.

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IT tutor Sam Beel, of Redcar & Cleveland College, said: "We're delighted that Cristian is getting on so well at FOK Marketing.
The leaders of the orchestra had fruit-less negotiations with the Prague City Hall in an attempt to secure better material conditions, and there was even talk of moving the FOK to Karlovy Vary.
On the 1st of January 1952 the FOK Orchestra was placed under the Central National Committee of the City of Prague and expanded to 82 musicians.
The title still applies today, but for people abroad it is too complicated and unmemorable a name, and even here it became usual to call FOK the Prague Symphonics.
FOK did a huge amount of work to promote Czech music culture and also awareness of the existence of a Czechoslovakia, a small state in the heart of Europe.
Often, FOK orders are placed when a client wants to buy a large quantity of shares of a particular stock at a particular price.