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For those subject to the FCPA, understanding the law has become
Fox's new FCPA Compliance & Ethics website, please contact Kit Frieden at 800-559-4534 or kit@androvett.
Day Pitney has a very active White Collar and Government Investigations Practice, focusing upon, among other things, FCPA compliance and defense, securities, internal investigations, and general compliance services for all size companies.
The FCPA risks for purchasers in M&A transactions generally are threefold, any of which may expose the purchaser to greater regulatory scrutiny or hurt its stock price:
In success and in failure, FCPA enforcement has established itself as headline legal news, and this year is not likely to be a quiet One for the FCPA.
The rise in enforcement places FCPA compliance at the forefront of any board's agenda.
Individual Prosecutions: FCPA charges against individuals increased significantly between 2002 and 2012, from only six in 2002 to 18 in 2010,24 in 2011, and six as of mid-year 2012.
Shareholder lawsuits brought under the FCPA to enforce the law
A significant development for the FCPA occurred in July 2010, when Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank Act).