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19) Massachusetts Board of Registration in Optometry, 110 F.
20) International Ass'n of Conference Interpreters, 123 F.
Fifteen years later, Caspar Weinberger dispenses defense largesse to the military-industrial complex, and the Reagan appointees on the F.
The government's case originated in 1978, when the F.
The sole vote against the settlement agreement was cast by Michael Pertschuk, who was chairman of the F.
diesel transmissions failed in tests conducted by the State of California), the F.
The commission plausibly argues that arbitration is an economical alternative to litigation, and Douglas estimates that car owners will collect nearly $95 million from settlements arrived at through arbitration, "approximately six times' what the F.
has charged in legal documents and in a press release accompanying the agreement that the F.
Consumer activists suggest, however, that it was not a lack of evidence that caused the F.
Congress, which threatens a legislative veto each time the F.