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Eye wash stations and personal eyewash bottle locations must be distinctly marked with highly visible
For sore and gritty eyes after cleaning or sweeping in a dusty environment it may be useful to use eye drops and possibly an eye wash before starting.
The violations included no emergency eye wash or shower equipment, incomplete hazardous energy control procedures, and several violations of unguarded pulleys, sprockets and shafts on equipment.
Dust masks, charcoal filter respirators, clothing, gloves, medicine, eye wash, pillows, blankets and other essential items for the relief workers involved in the cleanup of the World Trade Center site are expected to be housed at the building.
GOGGLE-EYED Dutch star Edgar Davids has been given permission to use a special eye wash - even though it would make him fail a drugs test.
The eyes treated with a negative control eye wash solution show the usual redness and inflammation caused by the disease.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Eye Wash Fountain And Hand Oppreated Shower Conforming To Is:10592 With Isi Mark.
They said the Anti-encroachment operation of TMA is nothing but an eye wash and due to political influence of traders the TMA is reluctant to take action against this mafia due to which encroachers are growing in the city.
Extra bandages, rolls of Vetrap, tweezers, antibiotics (Amoxicillin is a good one and comes in pill form), sterile saline solution or some other form of eye wash, nail clippers, super glue (good for closing small cuts), Betadine disinfectant for sterilizing wounds, metronidazole (for stool problems), a manual of first-aid techniques (A Field Guide: Emergency Care for the Hunting, Working, and Outdoor Dog by Randy Acker, DVM, is a classic), tick and flea repellent, tape scissors (for removing tape), eye salve, ear cleansing solution.
Recommendation: Order NSN 9905-01-345-4521, install at the eye wash station and eye wash bottles at the secondary sample sink and nucleonics.
He noticed that eye wash stations in his shop did not have signs posted per AFOSH STD 91-32.
Walgreen trucks are providing water, eye wash, face masks and other health products to aid rescue workers in their efforts.