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By which means Tom learned to make an extremely fine point to his pencil, and to represent landscape with a "broad generality," which, doubtless from a narrow tendency in his mind to details, he thought extremely dull.
His hair was fair and extremely fine, clasping from temple to temple the bald dome of his skull in a clamp as of fluffy silk.
Berwick and I told her that didn't matter much, as the lady in question must have an extremely fine figure.
To achieve this, Panasonic has adopted color management technologies which have until now only been used to the same degree by professional studio monitors which allow calibration of color reproduction at extremely fine brightness steps so it is reproduced accurately at any brightness level[2].
These were extremely fine men and ITN is an extremely fine organisation,' he said on the fifth day of the inquest into Mr Lloyd's death near Basra on March 22 2003.
Under these conditions, the application of heat causes the Inconel to become an extremely fine mist that adheres to the glass surfaces.
Jeffrey Gillow, a researcher at Brookhaven National Laboratory, has been making use of the X-ray microscope at the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) in New York to see extremely fine details of bacteria biochemistry in a technique known as X-ray spectromicroscopy.
Anti Vibration X-Bar is for deep-hole boring and features a special dampening mechanism that eliminates chatter, resulting in extremely fine finishes and extra long tool life.
The wave kicked up a plume of cool, extremely fine dust that lingered for more than 40 hours.
Integral-skin foams gain extremely fine cell structure from nucleation, while compact PUR systems benefit from the dwell pressure in the mold created by the gas, which prevents sink marks and considerably reduces trimming and finishing requirements.
Favorite Deal: "My first acquisition of an extremely fine stringed instrument for the San Francisco Symphony: a 280-year-old violin made by the legendary Antonio Stradivari.
Using elastic spacers to separate recirculating balls inside the nut, this ball screw design achieves extremely fine and consistent slow motion, such as 1 micron/second.
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