special dividend

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Special dividend

Also referred to as an extra dividend. Dividend that is unlikely to be repeated.

Special Dividend

A non-recurring dividend that a company may choose to distribute to shareholders after a particularly profitable period. A company may also choose to distribute special dividends if it wishes to restructure its financing from equity-based to debt-based. In general, however, one may think of a special dividend as a "bonus" for shareholders in good times. It is also called an extra dividend or a bonus dividend.

special dividend

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As a result, we do not expect extra dividends from either Eastern RAO or DEK.
But passing on these cost savings in the form of extra dividends would be folly and not proper corporate governance.
Extra dividends will be paid if the club advances in the Champions League.
The payout of semi-annual extra dividends has been an effective means of reducing the Company's excess capital in a measured way and treating all stockholders equally.
Rosneft (ROSN RX, ROSN LI) president Igor Sechin announced today that company plans to pay extra dividends for 2011 in addition to earlier declared R3.
To the extent that excess earnings may be retained and not paid as quarterly dividends, these funds would be utilized to originate loans or to possibly pay year-end extra dividends.
Peopleclick's long-term investment in compliance services and expertise to support the federal contractor marketplace should pay extra dividends for its clients," added Crispin.
If there are additional distributable earnings, they would be paid as year-end extra dividends.
Capital adequacy will decline because of charges in the capital model for increased sub-prime risk and extra dividends to Investment to support a stock-buyback program.
The 35 cents per share regular and 40 cents per share extra dividends will bring the total cash dividend paid by the Corporation for its fiscal year ending May 1, 1999 to $1.
No special or extra dividends were declared in connection with fiscal 2002.
If there are additional earnings, they would be paid as year end extra dividends.