Extension date

Extension date

The day on which the first option either expires or is extended.

Extension Date

1. In options, the expiration date. Occasionally, the parties to an option contract will agree to extend the expiration to a certain date in the future.

2. In taxes, the day that one must file one's return if one asked the tax agency for more time to do it. For example, in the United States, the deadline to file tax returns is April 15. If a taxpayer is unable to make this deadline, he/she may ask the IRS for an extension until October 15. In this case, October 15 is the extension date.

3. In an offer for bids on a contract, the date to which a deadline is lengthened. If there is either a lack of interest or no good bids on a contract, the company or government offering it may extend the deadline to allow other companies to decide whether to make a bid. This second deadline is the extension date.
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BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-June 8, 2017-Electrum shareholders approve business combo extension date
This trust delayed extension date (and the eventual Oct.
That will be equivalent to four months from the prescribed extension date reference - and that makes the interim spot market price cap already more than a year into enforcement.
La derniere extension date de 2008, oE le programme a ete augmente de 800 millions DH a 1.
Mobily has encouraged their customers to visit these centers to take the advantage of the extension date granted by the Communications and Information Technology Commission.
The new extension date, although not yet official, gives accountable institutions plenty of time to verify their clients' accounts and comply with the Act.
Meanwhile, Director Admissions Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur Syed Qaim Ali Shah has announced the extension date for submission of admission forms for seeking admission in BS (four year program) and MA, M.
Alexander's also had previously received an extension date for its final payment to creditors.
Limited Tenders are invited for Extension Date For Supply Of Water Distillation Unit
A taxpayer can extend a fixed extension date, if necessary, by signing a second consent.
We need this extension date to give an anchor so that other companies can plan for the future.