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Pursuant to the merger, ICP Solar completed a $5 Million private placement of common stock, with additional warrants having an exercise value of $5 Million, from a group of institutional and accredited investors.
Forecross(R) Corporation (OTCBB:FRXX), a legacy to web and XML implementation solutions company, announced today that it has received $900,000 in cash as part of a private financing which includes callable warrants with an exercise value of an additional $675,000.
option under the Share Scheme and pay 25% of the exercise value in cash,
For example, using movement or dance therapy has exercise value that could replace exercise machines such as the treadmill.
The instructor periodically reminds students of the exercise value for reinforcement.
2] would increase linearly during the 6th through 10th min from the steady state exercise value at 5 min because of--
The chart shows that the exercise value of the traditional option follows the changes in value of the underlying stock.
The exercise value of the call is $66,000 - $62,000 = $4,000; this is a lower bound on the option price.
In addition, options to purchase Envivio shares have been converted into the right to receive a cash payment equal to their net exercise value, based on the USD 4.
The Company expects the total exercise value of the warrant issued to equal 135% of the amount of preferred stock sold at each tranche closing under the Agreement.

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