Trading floor

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Trading Floor

The physical place where trading occurs on an exchange with an open outcry system. For example, the New York Stock Exchange has a place where traders and members gather to buy and sell securities. Many exchanges are moving away from trading floors and toward conducting more trades electronically. It is also called a floor.

Trading floor.

The trading floor is the active trading area of a stock exchange, such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Securities are traded double auction style on an exchange trading floor. That means the prices are set by competitive bidding between brokers representing buyers and brokers representing sellers, following a series of clearly established exchange rules.

Many market maker firms refer to the space in their offices that they have allocated for trading as their trading floor. The same term is used to describe the trading areas in banks and brokerage firms.

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He has been in the futures industry for 38 years as a successful trader and broker, both on and off the exchange floors, and a dedicated member of the CME since 1975.
The contract is a construction site preparation dispatching (reconstruction and treatment installations; exchange floor ceilings, windows and doors) The contract consists of two parts - the part of the building and technology (see Annex B - Information about lots).
He started on the Stock Exchange floor as a teenager and ended up with a virtual monopoly in trading London's smaller stocks, making himself a multi-millionaire on the way.
Photo: America Online Chairman and CEO Stephen Case, left,tours the New York Stock Exchange floor with NYSE Chairman Richard Grasso; AOL co-founder Mark Walsh is on the right.
Before pursuing a career in television, Glick was an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley where she headed the New York Stock Exchange Floor Operations.
CARMAN, attorney in Garden City, New York has announced that Joseph Dorilio, the former Head of Trading at ING Financial Markets, LLC has been cleared of all charges relating to his August 2002 arrest for attempting to extort approximately $25,000 from a New York Stock Exchange Floor Broker.
A growing percentage of trading closed-end funds is occurring electronically and away from the exchange floor," said Bruce Aust, Executive Vice President of NASDAQ's Corporate Client Group.
NYFIX offers a complete electronic desktop order management solution, stationary and wireless handheld exchange floor technology; FIX (Financial Information eXchange Protocol) messaging and monitoring tools and a high volume trade execution platform.
Over 180 circuits were cutover to the NYBOT's 937 members, connecting their individual trading operations to the exchange floor.
has requested the Division to state the basis upon which the Exchange can demand personal emails generated away from the Exchange floor that are in no way related to the business of the NYSE, much less the investigation of floor trading practices.
MagnaCarta Capital Markets is an independent Investment Banking firm that operates under the auspices of the Jitney Group, a broker- dealer that was created by floor traders of the Montreal Stock Exchange who became suddenly orphan when the exchange floor closed in 2001.
Dedicated exclusively to providing direct access to the New York Stock Exchange floor, JNK Securities provide institutional clients with remarkable service, complete anonymity, timely executions and one of the most competitive fee structures in the industry.