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Metzzo currently trades as a European-style restaurant, yet would be suitable for a variety of cuisines.
Also funded is a $10 million European-style traffic roundabout, which is planned to consolidate five closely spaced intersections into one and eliminate the 90-degree curve from Palmdale Boulevard onto 47th Street East.
Bulthaup European-style kitchens boast larch wood cabinetry and stainless-steel hardware complemented by Pietra Cardosa stone countertops and top-of-the-line Wolf, Sub-Zero and Miele appliances.
tax code is very unlikely to scrap the income tax system in favor of a national sales tax or a European-style value-added tax, the panel's vice chairman told the American Council of Life Insurers.
My father's idea was to offer European-style ambiance and serve good food in a Caribbean location," Roydon offers.
A Belgian home builder could be manufacturing upscale European-style homes and building components in North Bay by mid-2005.
Tucked into a quiet residential neighborhood near the airport and two kilometers from downtown San Jose, the Barcelo San Jose Palacio offers impeccable European-style service.
Wilson ardently sought the creation of a European-style central bank, and the Aldrich plan fell short.
Research in the western Indian Ocean suggests that reefs there were similarly affected by the advent of European-style agriculture in Kenya in the early 20th century, Cole adds.
Although Vincent has made no drastic changes in Hubbard Street, this season's programs had more than a hint of European-style contemporary dance.
All modern option pricing models say the present value of a so-called European-style option--one exercisable only at expiration--is the sum of the present values of each of the two hypothetical instruments in the equivalent portfolio.

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