European Economic Community

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European Economic Community (EEC)

A group of Western European countries that have joined together to promote trade and economic and political cooperation. Essentially, the EEC represents an attempt to combine a group of countries into a single economic unit. Also called Common Market.

European Economic Community

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Company's belief that with the advent of the SEPA initiative, that the German market, and other countries in the European Economic Community, are poised for a significant payment systems replacement cycle
CEN was founded in 1961 by the national standards bodies in the European Economic Community and EFTA countries.
The addition of modern manufacturing facilities in both Italy and Germany allows us to supply and support European Economic Community customers with both FOREM-MIKOM and Allen Telecom Group products.
Europe, specifically the European Economic Community (EEC) nations, represents a tremendous opportunity for consumer sales promotion.
The system is now accessible in the European Union (EU) and European Economic Community (EEC) networks and accessible to fixed line Telecom, GSM Mobile and stationary VSAT and mobile satellite links in a single hub location.
Supported by the European Economic Community (EEC) countries, ISO 9000 certification establishes uniform quality standards for manufactured products.
Over the years this trading organisation - led by its politicians - has evolved through the European Economic Community (EEC), then the European Community (EC) and finally the European Union (EU).
Those in my generation will remember that when Britain entered the then European Economic Community it was to our advantage to do so because the countries in it had prospered for reasons relevant at that time.
Their mission will be to promote C-Chip's security solutions within the European Economic Community.
Stringent European Economic Community environmental standards restrict the use of high sulfur fuels, including heavy oil residue, thereby requiring the use of environmentally advanced technology.
Pridmore brings extensive knowledge of Asian business practices as well as comprehensive understanding of capital markets both in North America and throughout the European Economic Community.
To cut the market for ivory -- in hopes of saving African elephants from an expected acceleration in slaughter by poachers between now and the threatened October trade ban--Japan, Hong Kong, the United States and the 12-nation European Economic Community have in recent weeks severely limited their ivory imports.

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