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Short- to medium-term debt instrument sold in the Eurocurrency market.


A debt security with a maturity of less than a few years traded in the Eurocurrency market. This means that the Euro note is denominated in a currency other than the one of the country in which it is traded.
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The awards were presented at the second EURO-NOTES workshop in Brussels, attended by gastroenterologists and surgeons throughout the region to discuss and debate the development and practice of NOTES.
Paul Fockens, Professor of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy at the University of Amsterdam and Chairman of the EURO-NOTES Foundation Committee sums up the importance of investing in NOTES research: "EURO-NOTES believes that encouraging research into NOTES is critical, as it is still a developing field and further investigation is needed to understand the full implications and opportunities for the patient.
Additionally, at the EURO-NOTES 2008 Workshop participants from the biomedical industry, gastroenterologists, and surgeons met to look beyond existing horizons of this emerging technique.

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